pack  Packing list for tours of about one week

In the Summer, i'm used to travel light. Some would even say that it's spartiat, at least about the clothes to go to the restaurant in the evening. In vacations, however, it is anyway not requested to wear a tie and a jacket! Concerning the cycling gear itself, they can be washed it in the sink of the bathroom in the evening and weared again (dry or almost dry) the next morning. Sandals are the largest item of this list. It is possible to save volume by replacing them with shoes like those used in gymnastics: smaller but not suitable for walking. Or MTB shoes are used (instead of race bicycle shoes), then no further shoes are required in the bags. If necessary, i add a small triangle bag in the top corner of the bicycle frame.

on the man:handlebar-bag of about 7 litres containing:
bicycle shortrain gear
undershirt and bicycle jerseysandals
socks and shoest-shirt, short and slip
glovessun cream and lip stick
helmettooth brush
sun glassespowder ou tablets for drinks (some with Mg)
in the pockets:cereal bars
powder for drinks for the stagesmall pack of bandages
cereal bars for the stageSwiss army knife
purse with moneymaps
credit card or other bank cardpaper and pen
1/2-tax card for public transportationspare tube
IDsmall bicycle pump
name cards(digital) camera
cell phonesmall saddle bag containing:
on the bicycle:spare tuble
bottlesspanners to remove tyres
computerhexagonal wrenches, small wrench, spoke key
bags as described besidesmall screwdriver